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Aibel joins Global Initiative to cut Methane Emissions

Aibel is becoming an official supporter of the Aiming for Zero Methane Emissions Initiative to advance the goals of the Paris Agreement.Aibel joins Global Initiative to cut Methane Emissions

Methane is likely to be responsible for around 30% of global warming. The Aiming for Zero initiative establishes an all-in approach that treats methane emissions as seriously as the oil and gas industry already treats safety.

Reducing methane emissions from oil and gas operations is one of the best short-term opportunities to advance the goals of the Paris Agreement. Collectively, the industry can make a big difference. It is a tangible and ambitious effort to eliminate the industry’s methane footprint by 2030. It is currently endorsed by the CEOs of 17 large energy companies, among them Equinor, Eni, Shell, and TotalEnergies. Aibel, a premium member of the Thai-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce, is one out of 35 supporters of the initiative. The goal will be achieved by putting in place all reasonable means to avoid methane venting and flaring and to repair detected leaks while preserving the safety of people and the integrity of operations. The participants will also report annually and transparently on their methane emissions.

“Aibel builds and maintains critical infrastructure offshore and on onshore processing plants. We are as such well placed to contribute to reduced methane emissions from the industry through sound technical solutions and well-adapted maintenance programs for energy companies. We fully support this initiative and will do our utmost to make the industry successful in this important climate initiative,” says Mads Andersen, CEO of Aibel.

The Aiming for Zero initiative is spearheaded by The Oil and Gas Climate Initiative (OGCI), a consortium led by the CEOs of major oil and gas companies from around the world. Bjørn Otto Sverdrup, OGCI Executive Committee Chair, says he appreciates having Aibel on board.

“I want to congratulate Aibel on becoming an official supporter of the Aiming for Zero Methane Emissions Initiative. By joining the initiative, the management of Aibel makes a statement that they share the ambition to eliminate methane leaks from the oil and gas industry. Aibel works with oil, gas, and energy companies, and they will be able to make very important contributions in reducing emissions more quickly,“ said Sverdrup.

As an official supporter, Aibel commits to (for example):

  • Supporting Signatories as they deploy solutions
  • Helping to improve monitoring and reporting standards
  • Assisting in developing policy recommendations

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