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Benchachinda Leads Next Generation Solution Platform

Benchachinda Leads Next Generation Solution PlatformBenchachinda Holding Co., Ltd., a premium member of the Thai-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce, leads three companies BB Technology Co., Ltd. (BBTEC), Brainergy, and Seen Digital delivering digital solutions to enhance business potential through the Covid-19 Crisis. Through these initiatives, Benchachinda Holding is preparing business groups and organisations to develop solutions in an era of the “New Normal”.

Mr Pirachai Bencharongkul, Co-Managing Director of BB Technology Company Limited (BBTEC) in Benchachinda Group, said that the key factor to adjust within organisations in the digital transformation era is the COVID-19 spreading factor. Benchachinda Group realises the importance of doing business in the new normal era. The firm organised an online seminar on the topic of “Next Generation Solution Platform” and presented digital solutions to support businesses in the current time and future.

Mr Kittipob Pimbutr, an expert from BB Technology Co., Ltd. and Thailand’s second Reset TM Accredited Professionals, presented a platform on the topic of BIoTs Total IoT Solutions & Services. The platform supports a sustainable environment for energy efficiency management through obtaining technological solutions based on the Internet of Things (IoT). This platform will reduce the chance of the Covid-19 virus spreading inside the building, control energy consumption, and reduce costs for the company.

Mr Thapakorn Hanrak, Software Optimisation Manager at Brainergy, talked about Empower Business with Digitisation. SmartFlow platform helps manage documents conveniently, fast, and accurately. It digitalises paper documents to electronic documents and thereby creating online documents, verifying information, and collecting data in electronic form that meet the needs of working from home. Besides, there is also a SmartTAX platform, a system for generating and delivering tax information in an electronic format. The SmartTAX platform makes documents and submitting taxes easier, faster, and more convenient.

Mr Thirathon Bencharongkul, Vice President of Seen Digital discussed the importance of using AI and Video Analytic systems to develop Video Analytics for Business. It helps to enhance your business with AI systems and stores big data in real time. It is designed to support Personal Data Protection Act or PDPA, which is suitable for business service providers such as shopping centres. The obtained information can be used for developing marketing plans. In addition, the Video Analytics system can be an HR assistant to collect data with face recognition technology while processing authentication safely. It can also use as an electronic identity verification system, e-KYC. With Seen digital’s e-KYC, the system will identify and collect quality data accurately through the face contrast scanner. Furthermore, it will strengthen its security with a fraud assessment system to ensure confidentiality and data authentication.

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