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Courts Introduce New Electronic Procedures

A new directive in Thailand will allow court pleadings and documents to be filed electronically. The Directive of the President of the Supreme Court on Submitting, Sending, and Receiving Pleadings and Documents via the Electronic Filing System came into effect on May 4, 2017.

The electronic filing system allows litigants to send and receive pleadings, notices, court orders, summonses, documents, and other types of warrants. In addition, required court fees and trial expenses may now be paid online via credit or debit card, bank transfer, or other methods specified in the Announcement of the Office of the Judiciary. The anticipated benefits of electronic filing include increased efficiency, productivity, and reduction of errors.

At the moment, the electronic system allows disputes over purchases, sales, leases, mortgages, pledges, contract guarantees, loan contracts, hire-purchases, and credit cards, but it may be extended to other types of disputes in the future. Currently, only three courts offer this service: (1) The Civil Court (Bangkok); (2) The Thon Buri Civil Court; and (3) The South Bangkok Civil Court. Per the directive, future courts that allow electronic filing will make public announcements.

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