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Emergency Decree in Thailand for COVID-19 Disruption

As part of the Chamber’s efforts in clarifying laws and regulations in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic, we have asked Joint Foreign Chambers of Commerce (JFCCT) to share us the information regarding Emergency Decree that takes effect in Thailand from the time being. 

Upon the shared information, the Emergency Decree 2005 which allows for a State of Emergency to be called is the basis of the State of Emergency decreed 25 March 2020 to take effect 26 March 2020. This gives the Prime Minister wide powers. Under s. 7 Emergency Decree, a Notification of laws was made whereby the powers and authorities of various public officials are transferred to the Prime Minister.

Declaration under s.5 Emergency Decree and Notification using s.7 Emergency Decree are applied in this COVID-19 disruption.

This is not like a s. 44 Order. The powers are technically no wider than held by various officials, and the powers must be exercised for the defined purposes (which are quite broad)

For more information on Emergency Decree used to control the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, please follow JFCCT website