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Regulations on Decommissioning

Petroleum Decommissioning Regulations in Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam


A series of perhaps unrelated drivers have resulted in a renewed emphasis on decommissioning obligations within the energy industry, from government mandates for renewable energy to the end-of-life of many oil and gas concessions and product sharing contracts around Asia and throughout the world. These circumstances have spurred governments and oil and gas interest holders to begin the robust debate on decommissioning obligations and related processes and security arrangements.

In this article, we compare the regulations governing oil and gas decommissioning in Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam—a region in which this context has become especially consequential for investors, operators, and governments and their regulators.


Thailand’s oil and gas decommissioning obligations are defined in two main legal documents: the petroleum concession agreement relevant to that concession block and the current form of the PSC, and sections 80/1 and 80/2 of the Thailand Petroleum Act as amended in 2007 (along with implementing ministerial regulations), which applies to both the concessionaire and the PSC contractor.

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