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Dtac and Ministry of Industry Collaborate to Revitalise Tourism and Rural Entrepreneurs

Dtac and Ministry of Industry Collaborate to Revitalise Tourism and Rural Entrepreneurs

On February 7, 2022, Dtac, a premium member of the Thai-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce, and The Ministry of Industry signed a memorandum of understanding for 152 communities to harness cultural tourism and digital technology to lift individual incomes and local economies. The program, dubbed Creative Industry Village, is expected to last two years and generate 250 million baht in revenue.

Dtac is supporting the initiative with digital training under the Dtac Net for Living program. Rural entrepreneurs will be equipped with online marketing skills, such as product photography and social commerce, to grow new income streams. Dtac is also expanding its network of 700 MHz to the targeted villages, ensuring they have suitable voice and data services. Thirdly, Dtac will promote the villages’ entrepreneurs to its 19 million customers through its Dtac reward program.

Under the public-private partnership, the Ministry of Industry expects to increase the number of tourists to rural destinations by 68 percent and boost sales of locally-made products by 76 percent.

Ms. Warawan Chitaroon, Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Industry Ministry, said “The government realises the important role of villages to the national economy. The Ministry of Industry plans to promote 152 potential villages under the Creative Industry Village or CIV scheme in an effort to boost local tourism and consumption, bringing growth to local economies. To achieve this goal, local entrepreneurs and tour guides are key to sustainable economic development, bringing the local uniqueness spread to the eyes of the world in preparation for tourism recovery. Digital applications and technology also play a critical role in economic growth.”

“The Ministry of Industry is pleased to partner with Dtac Net-for-Living and our agencies to promote the use of digital marketing, fostering local tourism with the expected income generation of more than 250 million baht to their economies, which will be derived from selling products online, food and accommodation. This is in line with the new tourism trends, strengthening competitive advantages,” Ms. Warawan added.

Mr. Prathet Tankuranun, Chief Technology Officer of Total Access Communication Plc or Dtac, said “We’re proud to be taking part in Thailand’s economic recovery with the Ministry of Industry and the Creative Industry Villages scheme. At Dtac, we believe that local wisdom and creativity, equipped with digital technology, can sustain the livelihoods of villagers durably. Dtac has already added 12,700 sites on its 700 MHz spectrum band, which is particularly effective in providing wide coverage in rural areas. Paired with Dtac Net for Living and Dtac Reward, I’m confident we can supercharge the villages’ economies.”

The Dtac Net-for-Living program bridges the digital divide by upskilling digital expertise to those in need, such as street vendors, small businesses, rural entrepreneurs, and the elderly. The program can increase their income by 40-50 percent by allowing the trainees to build a digital presence.

Dtac Reward provides freebies and discounts at over 30,000 outlets nationwide from restaurants and cafes to shopping apps. Dtac Reward also regularly features small restaurants and vendors to boost their incomes. Watch the film for the current #GoodforAllreward campaign.

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