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dtac Launches Worry-free Solutions

dtac Launches Worry-free Solutions

On 24 September 2020, dtac Business shared how Thai businesses are facing unprecedented opportunities and challenges to adapt to the current economic climate, embrace digital solutions and remain competitive. Through focus groups and data analysis, dtac Business has identified that Thai businesses need support in three key areas, and has developed the corresponding solutions:

  • Mobility solutions: WorryFree SIM – Simple packages with zero hidden fees for unlimited connectivity.
  • IoT Solutions: Future-ready solutions to cut costs, decrease delivery times and remain competitive in an increasingly digital market.
  • Smart Connect: A turnkey cloud solution to enable remote work, boost collaboration and heighten security.

Leapfrogging into the Digital Future

In addition to the usual competitive pressures, which are particularly challenging for SMEs, the year 2020 has brought new challenges for Thailand’s entrepreneurs. Businesses now need to digitalize their sales channels and operations, enable their remote workforce to collaborate securely and control costs.

Mr Rajiv Bawa, Chief Business Officer, of Total Access Communication PCL or dtac, our premium member, said, “Business is always tough. But 2020 is particularly disruptive. Making the need for simple, worry-free solutions all the more pressing in Thai companies, particularly SMEs. They need data and call packages that are affordable and without extra charges. They need simple IT tools that can be implemented without an IT team, and that can help make their data both more secure and more easily accessible remotely. And finally, all customers expect improved digital channels. That pressure is both on our customers and on us, which is why we’ve launched a new e-care platform.“

dtac Launches Worry-free Solutions

dtac Business also emphasised its ambition to be a very understanding partner for their customers, by focusing on resolving the business’s pain points with easy, worry-free solutions. Beyond basic mobile connectivity, dtac business is also developing 5G use cases in the Eastern Economic Corridor, which will be announced in Q4 2020.

“Much of the pressure to digitalise is coming one or two years earlier than anticipated. We want to make the digital future an opportunity rather than a threat for our clients. We can help them embrace digital solutions internally but also in their communication with their customers, allowing them to grow their business with touch-free experiences adapted to the new normal,” said Mr Bawa.

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