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Figma, Seven Peaks host first Bangkok event

Figma, Seven Peaks host first Bangkok eventFigma, Seven Peaks host first Bangkok event

Seven Peaks Software, one of our premium members, collaborating with Figma, a platform for collaborative design, suggests that Seven Peaks is actively involved in the design aspect of digital transformation, working to create user-friendly and innovative digital products.

Figma, a collaborative platform where teams design and build digital products, has joined forces with Seven Peaks, an international digital transformation firm, to co-host an inaugural event in Thailand for innovators across design and development.

Executives from Bangkok Bank, Bitazza, Figma, Line Man Wongnai, McKinsey & Company, Seven Peaks and UX Thailand discussed on Feb 28 design leadership, achieving user-centricity through innovations in design, the future role of artificial intelligence (AI), and the increasing significance of collaborative tools in achieving impactful business outcomes.

“One year after establishing Figma’s Asia-Pacific office in Singapore, we are delighted to announce our inaugural event in Bangkok,” said Christopher Keightley, Figma’s head of growth for Asia-Pacific. He said 80% of Fiama’s user base resides outside the US and Thailand is a significant market.

“We are thrilled to connect with the Bangkok design community. With 32% of designers in Asia-Pacific experiencing a reduction in time-to-market, we recognise a substantial potential to enhance the product development process,” said Mr. Keightley.

“This event focused on addressing why fostering better collaboration between design and developer teams can improve this process as well as changes businesses can make in the real-world environment. It’s part of Figma’s vision to make design accessible to all.” Seven Peaks also sees potential in the collaboration.

“We are thrilled and privileged to be a part of the inaugural event in Thailand, in a market that is experiencing rapid growth in digitalisation,” said Jeremie Tisseau, Seven Peaks Software’s chief design officer.

“We sought to initiate impactful conversations with key leaders in Thailand’s digital space, aiming to work together to discover best practices and propel the Thai digital design sector forward.”

According to the Digital Economy Promotion Agency, the value of the digital services industry in Thailand tallied 282 billion baht in 2022, marking 21% growth from the previous year. The sector is expected to experience substantial growth, reaching 455 billion baht by 2025, attributed to a broad focus on digital transformation across all sectors. The collaboration between the two firms underscores the need to enhance teamwork between design and development teams through practical changes in real-world business settings, he said. The integration of generative Al enhances accessibility, simplifying the conversion of creative concepts into tangible products, according to the two firms.

In 2023, Seven Peaks recorded 35% growth in Thailand.

“This year, we anticipate 50% growth as we extend our market leadership in the Thai digital industry through meaningful collaborations that serve as a driving force for advancing digital innovation,” said Mr. Tisseau.

About Seven Peaks Software

Seven Peaks Software is now one of the leading UX/UI design software development, and digital transformation consultant in Thailand that has been established as one of the fastest-growing technology solutions providers; offering digital transformation for business with many well established enterprise clients in Thailand and around the world.

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