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Jotun Colour Collection 2023 “STORIES”

Jotun Colour Collection 2023 “STORIES”Jotun Colour Collection 2023 “STORIES”

Every wall has an inspiring story to tell. A story that can be brought to life with the perfect colour and paint. Explore perfect colour combinations, designs and ideas for every room with Jotun Colour Collection 2023 “STORIES”.

Jotun’s new Global Colour Card for 2023, presents a palette of expressive, hopeful shades designed to inspire creative expression in our home decor. The colours featured are timeless; not driven by fashion, but chosen for their positivity, honesty and versatility – and their capacity to introduce a little joy into the home. In this collection, Jotun, our premium member, presents colours for the new stories our homes are telling; a selection of tones, tints and hues selected for their power to create positivity and inspire creative expression. There are 3 different colour themes, they are;

Serene Presence

Focused on minimalism and simplicity, this palette has been designed for cleansed, clutter-free lifestyles. Colours are soft, gentle and meditative, creating a pared-back spa-like atmosphere that helps you focus and keeps you centred. For example;

  • Colour: Jotun 8087 Spring Air: By shaking off the unnecessary, and paring our lives and possessions back to purity,  we can bring the minimalism and peace of the most refined spa retreat into our own spaces
  • Colour: Jotun 10678 Space: Slow, soothing colours, soft pastels and healing greens can gently cleanse and refresh our minds, leaving us fresh and focused
  • Colour: Jotun 20186 Lavender Touch: The home should be a place of healing

Naturally Grounded

The colours in this palette connect us to the natural world, celebrating rustic lifestyles, crafted artefacts, and the beauty and character of imperfection. These calming landscape shades are ideal for giving interiors a farmhouse-chic aesthetic – or bringing a touch of countryside into the heart of the city. For example;

  • Colour: Jotun 1109 Mediterranean Olive: Beauty and perfection are not the same. Nature is rarely precise, but it is always beautiful. The immaculate and the unblemished are rarely inspiring. In nature, as in the home, it is often the imperfections that we fall in love with
  • Colour: Jotun 8575 Natural Green: Nature is an inherently calming influence

Curated Living

A balanced and curated combination of nostalgic tones and contemporary colours, this timeless palette is perfect for cultivating a home-as-art-gallery feel. It’s a confident blend of tradition and modernity conducive to truly personal creative expression. For example;

  • Colour: Jotun 10430 Soft Savanna: This palette was to channel the comfort of nostalgia, without getting stuck in the past. By mixing a vintage feel with a modern sensibility, Jotun has created an artistic and sophisticated family of colours

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