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Morphosis joins Forces with Seven Peaks creating Market’s Digital Consultancy

Digital ConsultancyAchieving rapid growth even whilst the pandemic was raging, Norwegian owned tech and design leaders in Thailand join forces to create the market’s premium end-to-end digital product consultancy.

Norwegian-owned and managed software development agency Seven Peaks Software, a premium member of the Thai-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce, and design company Morphosis have joined forces, uniting to bring to market a high-end digital consultancy on a trajectory of fast-growing business success, as well as a quickly expanding team of top engineers and digital product designers.

Bangkok, 24th June 2022 – The impact of the Covid pandemic had a huge effect on the global software industry, with many companies laying off staff in order to manage costs as client business disappeared. Standing out for ‘going against the grain’ and capturing significant and very rapid growth successes, Norwegian Seven Peaks Software has continually invested in building up the size and capabilities of its team year after year since its launch in Thailand in 2014. The brainchild of two Norwegian and internationally-experienced entrepreneurs and software engineers – Jostein Aksnes (CEO) and Roy Ivar Moe (CTO). Seven Peaks has grown to over 200 staff in its Bangkok headquarters and targets to grow further to 500 staff members during the next three years. Part of that rapturous rise – and a mission to lead the charge in building Thailand’s reputation as a tech & innovation hub – is the company’s dedication to scaling quickly to meet client needs. The executive team have been conscious of the necessity to integrate a design specialist with expertise in UX strategy, and so the renowned design company Morphosis now joins Seven Peaks to further supercharge growth.

Morphosis, spearheaded by industry veteran Jeremie Tisseau (CEO), has also grown rapidly in 3 years, from just 8 staff to over 100, with COO Benjamin Fauchald, a Norwegian serial entrepreneur, joining in 2019 bringing dev capability into the role of Senior Partner, followed soon after by Christopher Regel who was appointed the same year as Head of Business Development. Morphosis has always focused on being the leading ‘design-first’ agency in South East Asia, handling all stages of the product life cycle, applying design thinking methodologies, and specialising in traditional and web3-related financial services.

By joining in perfectly aligned synergy, Seven Peaks and Morphosis together are able to unleash the collaborative power of a strong tech-talent organisation. It creates a dynamic, nurturing environment in which a new generation of Thai and international digital product specialists learn from the best in the field, while full lifecycle digital products are created and delivered to a class-leading standard. In summary of this exciting industry move, the aim has been to combine one of Thailand’s most-respected and most-trusted software companies with the country’s best design agency. This is the basis upon which Seven Peaks Software will meet its highly ambitious industry-beating accelerative growth goals in the next few years, and achieve a doubling of its growth targets.

A transformational success story in software: built on the international expertise of Norwegian origin

Seven Peaks Software was founded by passionate software engineers and is still an engineer-led company. Since the executive team started working In 2014, Seven Peaks Software hit the Thai market with demonstrable capabilities and a fresh approach to meeting the challenges of large enterprise clients in the Kingdom. “Essentially stemming from a wealth of international software engineering experience, the company was created from an ethos, which still very much holds true today, that everything we do is built on a commitment to raising quality standards as engineers, and as a solution provider of choice to some of the biggest brands in Thailand,” said Jostein Aksnes, CEO and Co-founder, Seven Peaks Software.

Following on from what is set to be a powerful amalgamation between the creative forces of Morphosis and the technical expertise of Seven Peaks Software, the company is on course to achieve a doubling of its planned growth rate, leading the market from a position of strength as the country’s top end-to-end digital consultancy. Of its more than 400 client accounts, a large share of these are publicly listed companies on the Thai stock exchange (SET). “We are on a mission to become the preferred and trusted end-to-end digital product consultancy for Thai and international companies, guiding them to build impactful and high-quality digital products,” said Jostein.  

Joining forces to bring together the collaborative power of two exceptional tech brands

Seven Peaks now represent one of the region’s fastest-growing end-to-end digital product consultancies, with a strong base of Thai and international talent among its burgeoning 200+ team members in Bangkok. One of the few software companies to have grown to an extraordinary level during Covid, benefitting from its new synergy will provide it with capabilities of full digital product design and lifecycle support to enterprise organisations and growth startups in Norway, Asia-Pacific as well as internationally.

Seven Peaks has been delivering software and design services towards Norwegian enterprise clients since the start, both through our partner company in Norway Apphuset A/S through a hybrid outsourced model, as well as directly to end clients like Telenor. Our hybrid working model allows us to work closely with the clients in Norway on requirements, and project management while we handle all development and design work from Seven Peaks in Bangkok. Based on the proven hybrid outsourced model developed in collaboration with Apphuset, Seven Peaks is now also in the progress of establishing a local presence in both Denmark and Sweden within 2022. 

Jeremie Tisseau, CEO & Founder at Morphosis Apps Co., Ltd., said, “As we’re two highly complementary businesses and leaders in our respective fields, the synergy created by Morphosis and Seven Peaks will enable us to shatter our goals for growth. Collectively, our combined capabilities ensure we’re well on our way to meeting our twin goals of doubling our revenue and growing our team of product designers to 100+ by 2023. Joining Seven Peaks has given us a chance to build on the original vision, which was to go beyond design and drive impact. This then allows us to get closer to my passion and vision for the company, where design and development come together to deliver digital products that meet user experience needs, are technically sound, and deliver on business goals.”

One of the most outstanding aspects of this Thai success story so far is the wealth of amazing career opportunities it is creating for Thai graduates and industry professionals across multidisciplinary areas of expertise. To enable its teams to thrive and succeed, Seven Peaks provide their staff with diverse and progressive career development opportunities. 

“As a company which is always on the lookout for exceptional talent, we seek to foster collaborative/inclusive working styles, encouraging staff members to build strong and rewarding long-term relationships across our organisation – and that family is now growing faster than ever before. As passionate tech leaders, we’ve also been active in fostering the growth of the tech community here in Bangkok over the last 10 years, through event series like Seven Peaks Speaks, BKK Web, UX Happy Hour, and UX Connect to help develop and connect local and international talent. If you’re driving to become the best in your field and would like to join us in helping create innovative solutions for our clients, we’d love to talk!”, concluded Jostein.

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