Pacific Rim Rich Group Company Limited (P.Rich) was established in July 1990. P.Rich has considerable experience in the design, engineering and construction of a wide variety of projects in Thailand as well as in many Asia-Pacific countries . Most of its activities relate to the processing of mineral processing such as dry mortars, sand preparation plant for foundry and food processing such as animal feedmill, crude palm oil plant, ethanal refinery from tapioca. It acts as the service provider of design and engineering consulting services, project management services, equipment and processing facilities and construction work. In the field of weighing and material handling technology machinery, P.Rich has established a subsidiary company in China named Shanghai Topstar Packing and Electrical Manufacturing Company Limited (Topstar), in order to research and to develop processing control devices for grain processing industry and mineral processing industry. Nowadays Topstar is “Manufacturing Metering Appliance Permit” certified by Shanghai Technical Supervision Bureau and also ISO9001:2000 certified, which can assure you to the quality products and services from us.

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