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Stay for Santa Campaign by Bangchak Corporation, The Erawan Group, and Carbon Markets Club

Stay for Santa Campaign by Bangchak Corporation, The Erawan Group, and Carbon Markets ClubStay for Santa Campaign by Bangchak Corporation, The Erawan Group, and Carbon Markets Club

Bangchak Corporation Public Company Limited, our premium members, has initiated the Stay for Santa campaign in partnership with The Erawan Group Hotels during the Christmas and New Year festival season.

Gloyta Nathalang, Executive Vice President at Bangchak Corporation Public Company Limited and Chairperson of Carbon Markets Club, along with Chatchai Loybundit, Executive Vice President of Investment at BCPG Public Company Limited, have collaborated with Sebastian Frederic Salmon, Senior Vice President at Erawan Group Hotel, to launch the Stay for Santa campaign. The initiative aims to offset the individual carbon footprints of guests staying at these hotels from 23 December 2023 to 2 January 2024, for ten nights. The goal is to promote responsible tourism, raise awareness about environmental impact, and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

The campaign encourages guests to embrace the principles of Abate, Avoid, Action – Abate carbon emissions, Avoid harming the environment, and Action every day. These guiding principles will be communicated extensively through diverse channels, both internal hotel communications and online platforms. The objective is to inspire and motivate individuals to reduce their carbon footprint not only during their hotel stays but also in their day-to-day lives.

This collaborative campaign involving the Carbon Markets Club, Bangchak Group, and The Erawan Group demonstrates a dedication to social and environmental responsibility. The initiative actively motivates both businesses and the general public to partake in activities focused on curtailing greenhouse gas emissions. Notably, the four participating hotels—Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok, JW Marriott Hotel Bangkok, Courtyard by Marriott Bangkok, and Mercure Sukhumvit 24.

To counter challenging-to-eliminate emissions, Bangchak Corporation Public Company Limited will employ T-VER carbon credits from BCPG Public Company Limited, facilitated via the Carbon Markets Club. This action directs not just to neutralise the carbon footprint of guests during the festive season but also to enhance the environmental friendliness and joyfulness of the celebration. This initiative allows guests to enjoy an environmentally mindful stay, playing an active role in fostering a more sustainable world for future generations to experience happier living and travel.

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