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The Collaboration to Enhance the Managed Security Service

The Collaboration to Enhance the Managed Security ServiceCyber Elite, in partnership with Atos, is targeting the large enterprise market to enhance their Managed Security Services and increase their effectiveness in repelling cyber threats.

Cyber Elite Co., Ltd., a comprehensive cybersecurity service provider under Benchachinda Group, our premium member, and Atos, a global company that provides integrated business strategy and IT solutions, have signed a partnership agreement.

Dr Supakorn Kungpisdan, Managing Director of Cyber Elite, said that this cooperation aims to extend the Managed Security Services with Atos to support the business growth and enhance the success of Managed Security Services in repelling threats. In the past year, Cyber Elite exceeded the sales target in the first year by providing Managed Security Services, which generated more than 50% of the company’s revenue.

Cyber Elite’s international service standards can meet customers’ needs. This year, the company aims to penetrate a new target group of large enterprises, both state and non-state actors, and expand the customer base to neighbouring countries by collaborating with Atos, the global company that owns the most part of the revenue share in Managed Security Services as stated by Gartner in 2021. Moreover, Atos has world-class Security Operation Centres (SOC), counting 16 centres worldwide with more than 6,500 cybersecurity specialists.

This collaboration could provide fast service to the international standard as each country’s specialist could promptly assist and respond to the customer. In the case of complex cyber threats or customers affected at a severe or critical level, Atos specialists with global experience in incident response are immediately available to provide support, advice, and assistance in managing an effective incident and disaster response.

“We aim to present our service to large enterprises. We can see that large enterprises often choose to manage the cybersecurity work on their own, which has complexities and lacks internationally recognised internal management processes. Cyber Elite and Atos, therefore, aim to address those concerns by providing a world-class service that meets the need for investment and speed of service,” said Dr. Supakorn.

Moreover, Cyber Elite expects to raise the level of Managed Security Services to be comparable at the international level to meet the needs of large enterprises. On the other hand, other service providers tend to target only small and medium enterprises, and often have limitations in developing the potential to support the needs of large enterprise customers. Cyber Elite believes that if the service level is enhanced to the international level, this will build more confidence in organisations or large enterprises using Managed Security Services.

Olivier Castaignede, Head of BDS, APAC, and Atos said “this collaboration is a combination of the strengths of both companies. Atos is outstanding in Managed Security Services with wide management experience, while Cyber Elite has knowledge and expertise in cybersecurity in Thailand covering all industries.” Additionally, they have a good understanding of domestic Managed Security Services and are a reliable service provider that provides surveillance and response services to cyber threats from the operation of the CSOS, which has many loyal customers. The company sees the experience and world-class service potential of Atos, which is guaranteed by its market share, at the forefront of enhancing Managed Detection and Response or MDR service that uses future technology such as Artificial Intelligence or AI as the foundation of providing a detection and response platform or AIsaac platform. The company believes that such cooperation can enhance and support the service and effectively solve and prevent threat incidents that may occur in the organisation.

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