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The Joys of Traditional Thai handicrafts from SiamMandalay

For nearly 25 years SiamMandalay has brought the joys of traditional Thai handicrafts to homes and offices around the world.

We unite the mastery of the artisanal craft with clean, sophisticated, styling. Steadfastly believing in exceptional craftsmanship – never cutting corners, and refusing to compromise on premium materials; timeless designs, or tailored handiwork. Our close-knit team believes in the aspirational. We take deep pride in the creative ambitions of our craftsmen and their own commitment to excellence.

In the face of mass-produced factory regalia, where quantity has replaced quality, we hold tightly to the idea of superior production, fair trade, and quick diversification.

A small group of talented artisans envision and craft everything we offer. Our people are motivated by a commitment to getting results the right way; ethically and efficiently. Our designs can be mimicked, but the quality of our work, the construction methods and the hours of hard work cannot.

By choosing SiamMandalay you are choosing to support a local community, Thai charities and causes, and the disappearing arts of true craftsmen. This is not our corporate responsibility, but our personal identity.

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