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A New Promotion: Salmon Paradise at Sushi Den

Norwegian salmon lovers must try, discount up to 40%

Sushi Den sushi and Japanese restaurant offers a new promotion: Salmon Paradise
Four new Norwegian salmon menus with discounts up to 40% off as well as  special privileges for Sushi Den membership card holders including an on top discount of 5%.

  • Special Salmon Sashimi – mixed salmon and salmon belly sashimi, salmon grilled salmon sashimi, spicy salmon salad and salmon roe.
  • Super Salmon Nigiri –  six items mixed salmon sushi menu.
  • Salmon Ebi Sauce Roll – Salmon and avocado roll, topped with salmon and ebiko, served with shrimp sauce.
  • Salmon Duo Salad – Fresh vegetables mixed with salmon two types are fresh salmon and crispy salmon skin served with special salad dressing.

From today until 31 January 2021 at Sushi Den (except Life Center branch and Sushi Den Go).

More information about Sushi Den, please visit: