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Yara’s 115th Anniversary

Experience is Gained from History and Improves Productivity

This March, the Thai-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce would like to congratulate Yara on their 115 years of achievement. As one of the most important pillars of the Norwegian business community in Thailand, we’d like you to learn more about Yara and how the company contributes to Thai society. 

Yara and Thai Society
In 1973, the Yara sales and retail office were initially established in Thailand. This was the starting point when high-quality Viking fertiliser was imported from Norway for sale to Thai farmers. Going all the way back to 1907 in Norway, the Yara fertiliser factory in Notodden had the honor of welcoming His Majesty King Rama V who visited the factory and bought 1 ton of Yara fertiliser to use in Thailand.  At the time, the fertiliser industry was still new and highly advanced for Thai agriculture. That was the beginning of Yara fertiliser in Thai society to the present day.

In 2010, Her Royal Highness Princess Soamsawali Krom Muen Suddhanarinatha visited a Yara fertiliser factory in Norway and, on the same occasion, Yara donated 50 tons of Yara fertiliser to aid Thai farmers. This demonstrates the extensive relationship between Yara fertiliser and the Kingdom of Thailand.

Changes from Past to Present
Norsk Hydro, the origin of today’s Yara International, was founded in December 1905 and started with nitrogen production (used as a raw material in fertiliser production) from air and electricity. With constant development, Norsk Hydro was able to dominate the fertiliser market in Europe and moved into the Middle East and Asia through investments with Qafco in Qatar for the construction of factories for producing ammonia and urea from natural gas in 1969.

This was only a few years before taking the first steps in the business of fertiliser distribution in Thailand and other countries in Asia. In March 2003, the company founded Yara International as a separate company for the specific objective of one-stop operations in the fertiliser business.

Yara and Business in the Modern World
The birth of Yara International helped drive business concepts set in the past to progress rapidly toward success, especially through the Yara Crop Nutrition strategy that provides value in terms of:  

  1. Quality of various fertiliser products such as YaraMila, Yara GrowHow, YaraLiva Nitrabor, YaraVera, YaraVita, YaraRega, YaraTera
  2. Unique and innovative agriculture technology such as applications CheckIT, Yara Connect and infield N-Tester
  3. Intensive agronomist education to be distributed to Thai farmers. Then farmers will have that knowledge to adopt into their farm and get quality and efficient yields that are ready to sell to market and earn income for sustainable living.

These aspects help promote the fundamentals of agriculture. Moreover, safety and compliance are the company’s licenses to operate. Yara believes safety is the number one priority in conducting business.  Also, compliance means adherence to business ethics. Yara is committed to complying with the Code of Business Conduct for competitive advantage and anti-corruption strictly.

Yara will never stop coming up with new innovations to create high-quality products allowing farmers to grow crops with maximum efficacy for Thai farmers and all stakeholders.

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