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A look into the Crystal Ball of Myanmar’s Future

This is the first official event of Myanmar-Norway Business Council. The event takes place on November 24th, at 18.30, in the Residence of H.E. Ambassador Ann Ollestad.

The highlight of this is a panel discussion with Stein T√łnnesson and Larry Jagan; we look into the crystal ball to see where Myanmar is heading – from a political and business perspective. The election and implications of the result will be discussed. Furthermore we will focus on the role of foreign businesses going forward, and what changes we can expect. A key topic here will be what role China can be expected to play in Myanmar going forward, and how that would impact Norwegian involvement.

Both panellists are well known in Myanmar, below is a short summary:

  • Stein T√łnnesson is a historian and one of Norway‚Äôs most respected political analysts. He is currently Research Professor at PRIO (the Peace Research Institute Oslo) where he has amongst others lead a project covering “Democratisation and peace in Myanmar”, funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

  • Larry Jagan is a well known reporter, based out of Bangkok. He is covering the region ‚Äď with particular focus on Myanmar. He has been reporting for radio, television, online services and newspapers on Asian affairs for nearly forty years. He was the former news and current affairs editor for Asia and the Pacific at the BBC World Service.