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Annual General Meeting 2020

In view of the current and rapidly developing COVID-19 situation, we have decided to postpone Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Thai-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce until we have clarity of the situation. Under the bylaws of the Chamber, we need to hold the AGM latest 120 days after the end of the financial year which ended on 31 December 2019. This means that we can reschedule the meeting until the end of April 2020 while assessing the situation.

Through the Joint Foreign Chambers of Commerce and Thailand’s Board of Trade we are further exploring the possibility of Thailand’s Ministry of Commerce giving us and other Foreign Chambers of Commerce the opportunity to postpone AGMs until the COVID-19 situation is back to normal.

During the current, uncertain and fluid circumstances, we believe it is our responsibility as a Chamber to ensure that we do not unnecessarily add to the Corona associated risks for our employees, and members and their operations or potentially inadvertently add to the burden on Thai health care and the already grave situation for Thailand. We firmly believe that we thereby prioritise the Chamber‚Äôs and chamber members‚Äô operational continuity and minimise the potential jeopardising of various stakeholders’ health.

In the coming days, we will explore the possibility of letting the Chamber staff working from home in order not to add to the Corona risks. It is our intention to maintain normal office operations with e-mail and telephone lines working as normal.

We regret that we currently are in a situation that makes us having to consider and decide on the above measures and kindly ask for our members’ understanding. We will get back to you as soon as we have clarity in the new date of the rescheduled AGM.


Thai-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce

Axel Blom (President)
Vibeke Lyssand Leirvåg (Vice President)