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Eira Pure Norwegian Water: From Norway’s Glaciers to Thailand’s Tables

Eira Pure Norwegian Water: From Norway’s Glaciers to Thailand’s Tables

Eira Pure Norwegian Water is a testament to Norway’s pristine natural resources, carving a niche in the premium bottled water industry with its exceptional purity and revitalising taste. Located by Eresfjord, a breathtaking landscape in Norway, the water’s journey begins 1,500 meters above sea level, trickling through layers of quartz over nearly two months, ensuring it remains untouched by soil or organic material, resulting in renowned purity.

Beyond mere hydration, Eira Mineral Water has elevated itself to luxury and culinary excellence through strategic partnerships. As an official global partner of the esteemed MICHELIN Guide, it caters to the refined palates of discerning diners worldwide. Additionally, its collaboration with Thailand’s luxury hotels and fine-dining restaurants brings together Norwegian purity and culinary artistry, creating an unforgettable dining experience where Eira’s refreshing essence enhances the vibrant flavors of fine cuisine.

Each bottle of Eira Mineral Water embodies a symphony of purity, luxury, and culinary delight, making it a choice that epitomises indulgence and sophistication. Discover more at Or savor it at your nearest fine dining venue.

About EIRA

Founded in 2007 at¬†Norway’s¬†purest water source, EIRA water has¬†been embraced¬†by Michelin Restaurants and Bocuse¬†d‚ÄôOr¬†in the Premium Norwegian Hospitality Industry. EIRA is water to savour, refresh, and complement the finest dining experiences.

Renowned as possibly the¬†world’s¬†best water,¬†EIRA’s¬†excellence is affirmed by multiple Norwegian Geological Survey reports. This uniqueness, exceptional taste, and color are the perfect pairing for any occasion, from a fine dinner¬†paired¬†with wine to the first¬†cool¬†taste of refreshment in the morning.

Located by Eresfjord, EIRA water’s journey begins some 1,500 meters above sea level, taking nearly two months to traverse layers of quartz, acting as a natural filter. It emerges cold and clear, untouched by soil or organic matter. EIRA Water is low in minerals and perfected by nature, unfiltered and bottled straight at the source, ensuring the highest quality and taste for our consumers.

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