Webinar: Go Digital Mini Workshop for Women-led Businesses

Webinar: Go Digital Mini Workshop for Women-led Businesses

Webinar: Go Digital Mini Workshop for Women-led Businesses

Now more than ever, consumers are online shopping, educating, and entertaining themselves. For female founders and entrepreneurs focused on business operations, the idea of committing time and resources online can feel overwhelming. The complexity of each platform and the time required to manage can become a stumbling block for some businesses. This mini-workshop will demystify the process and give attendees the latest on social media, marketplace, and how to use them to advance their business. This is a good opportunity for you since digitalisation has its capacity to cause substantial transformations in how organisations function by improving their internal business processes, as well as able to enhance your business’s productivity, improve customer experience, higher agility and improve company’s competitive advantage. 

There are three parts to this online event. In the first section, the attendees will learn how to prepare to put their business online. In the second section, the audience will meet a local entrepreneur who has navigated the learning curve to help her achieve online success. Moreover, OSMEP will share information about the resources that are available to women entrepreneurs. In the third section, the attendees will participate in a session to brainstorm and help a brand create a plan to go online.

From this event, participants will leave with a good understanding of how digitising their brand can transform their customer experience and, ultimately, their bottom line. Sign up today!

This is a free event open to everyone. This event is part of a virtual series on Enhancing Market Access for Women Entrepreneurs in Thailand.

Webinar: Go Digital Mini Workshop for Women-led Businesses

Date: 4 Nov 2021
Venue: ZOOM, Live Online
Time: 15.00 – 16.30 hrs.
Languages: Thai and English

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About Women Entrepreneurs (We-Can)

WE-Can is a technical and peer support program for women entrepreneurs looking to take their business to the next level. WE-Can was founded by women, for women, and is a collaboration between CanCham Thailand and Space Bangkok. It aims to give networking opportunities, marketing opportunities and access to expert and information.

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15:00 - 16:30