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By joining as a member of the Thai-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce, you will have a first class opportunity to build relations with our corporate members leading to knowledge exchange and access to attractive customers. The Thai-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce was formed in 1996 with a mission to be instrumental:

  • in creating venues and channels for exchanging and sharing information
  • in improving business conditions and opportunities
  • in increasing trade and investments between Thailand and Norway.

The Thai-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce is mainly a business forum and activities in the Chamber reflect this. Membership in the Thai-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce is subject to approval by the Chamber Board.

Premium Membership

Premium members are typically larger juristic (corporate) entities registered in Thailand with broad business dealings with Norway. Premium members wishes to be seen as market leaders in their service and product offering. Other membership conditions are similar to corporate membership

Corporate Membership

Corporate members are juristic (corporate) entities with substantial links with Norway registered in Thailand or branches of juristic entities registered abroad, which the committee considers will contribute to the achievement of its objectives. Corporate members can also be intending investors in Thailand or juristic entities registered in Norway with broad business dealings with Thailand and who seek to keep informed of chamber activities and business developments in Thailand.

Individual Membership

Individual members are natural persons acceptable to the chamber, but who lack the qualifications for corporate membership.

Membership Benefits

  • The Thai-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce provides regular opportunities for members to meet and network through a variety of functions and activities.
  • By joining the chamber‚Äôs business seminars, breakfast and dinner talks as part of the chamber‚Äôs vital network, you get constant updates on current issues.
  • The Thai-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce conducts an essential role in Thai-Norwegian business relations through its membership in the Joint Foreign Chambers in Thailand (JFCCT), the European Association for Business and Commerce in Thailand ¬†and Thailand‚Äôs Board of Trade.
  • The chamber identifies challenges and opportunities in doing business in Thailand, seeking support in Thai government policies to address such issues.
  • The chamber’s magazine Business Review and the chamber’s website can be used to promote newcomers establishing presence in Asia
  • Legal updates with a summary of new or updated laws
  • The Thai-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce works in close co-operation with the Royal Norwegian Embassy and Norway Connect in Bangkok as well as Thailand’s Board of Investment and the Royal Thai Embassy in Oslo.


The Norway-Asia Business Review is issued four times a year and is targeted towards chamber members in the region and other organisations (Government/NGOs) in Southeast Asia from which we need support and understanding. The magazine is also distributed to other Norwegian chambers of commerce in Asia and to interest organisations in Norway. The magazine features interesting articles on business and trade throughout the region.


The chamber’s website norcham.com gives you the opportunity to stay in touch with the very latest, 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.

Membership Application