Benchachinda Group is a leading digital service provider, consisting of three core business units: Network Solutions Group (NSG), Broadband Group (BBG) and Distribution Group (DTG).

Since 1960, we have offered numerous telecommunication services that have supported the rapid growth of the telecommunication industry in Thailand. We have also been involved in a diverse range of project scales, serving private corporations, state enterprises, and public organisations. Benchachinda Group’s scope of business has expanded into the digital content provision industry through INN News and Rakbankerd, Thailand’s biggest centre for digital agricultural information and knowledge. In addition, Benchachinda Group has invested in startups through BCH Ventures, integrating the company’s digital infrastructure to broaden the scope of the company’s existing core businesses in digital services and solutions. With our reliable digital infrastructure and expertise, we can enhance all scales of businesses through digitisation of business processes to increase their productivity and profitability, and to help them meet their customer expectation.

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