Skanem was found in Norway to solve the lack of tin cans production in the late 19th century. Several years later, our business achieved rapid success and growth. Now, we have become one of Europe’s largest producers of self-adhesive labels with 11 production sites in 8 countries and around 1,000 employees. Skanem labels are seen on millions of products every day and pretty much everywhere whether you are at home, office, or at a grocery store. We create labelling solutions to help brands make their products look beautiful, stay secure, share information with end users and at the same time be kind to the environment. Our labels come with a promise of quality, durability, and a genuine effort to help you increase your sales. We expanded our production site to Thailand and started to provide self-adhesive labels, lineless labels, smart labels, and flexible packaging films with cost-efficient and logistically smart labelling solutions.

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