Telenor Asia enables progress in the region with connectivity and digital services. For over 25 years, our telecommunications companies have accelerated mobile adoption in Asia. We broaden access to life-changing innovations and advance national digital agendas. We build critical infrastructure. We nurture local talent. And we foster responsible business standards. As Asia continues to change rapidly, so do we. Telenor Asia is becoming an even better partner for our stakeholders, capturing new growth, and realising our unwavering ambition of value creation.

Since 1997, Telenor Asia has been a pioneer in the region. Our well-loved telco brands are change-makers that introduced mass-market mobile connectivity, innovative digital services, and a firm commitment to responsible business conduct.

We believe trust, empowerment and respect are needed to realise the potential of connectivity. Thus, Telenor Asia firmly commits to creating value for all our stakeholders, from consumers and employees to shareholders and partners. This is how Telenor Asia will grow as a trusted partner in a fast-changing region, advancing people and businesses with services and technologies that create enduring value for all.

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