Thammachart Seafood was founded in Thailand in 2017 with the aim to find, catch, and deliver the world’s most remarkable seafood from the chilly fresh lochs of the Scottish highlands and the balmy ocean currents of northern Australia. It is keen to look for the freshest, tastiest, and best seafood to serve the most delectable cuisines for you. As it is a seafood distributor, fisheries and aquaculture operations are also our concerns. Thammachart Seafood endeavours to source for sustainable well-managed fisheries and responsibly farmed aquaculture operations. Working closely with its main suppliers can ensure its seafood quality controls and be able to trace back to the source whether wild-caught or farmed. Thammachart Seafood also receives the Food Standard Agency (FSA) to assure that our products are oil-rich fish and contain Omega 3 fatty acids, EPA, and DHA which are necessary nutrients for our bodies.

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