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AI Supervisory by SCGC for Combatting Global Warming

AI Supervisory by SCGC for Combatting Global WarmingAI Supervisory by SCGC: A Green Navigator and Energy Optimisation Expert for Combatting Global Warming

When we’re on the road, the most important question is which route would be the fastest and the least fuel-consuming. That is why we need A Navigator to check the possible routes and help us make decisions on the best option. The same applies to machinery operation in a plant; it is vital to have Artificial Intelligence, or AI, to serve as an assistant that can conduct analysis accurately, offer suggestions, and help inform decisions in order to optimise energy consumption in the factory.

How nice would it be to have an energy expert on the duty in the plant?
Recognising the pressing urgency of climate change, SCGC, a corporate member of the Thai-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce, has implemented a policy to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, and one of the approaches toward such a goal is to optimise energy efficiency through the use of artificial intelligence (AIand machine learning in energy management in its factories.

The beginning of AI Supervisory
SCGC started out by developing the Energy & Performance Management System, which provides an overview of the plant’s energy consumption and is capable of identifying anomalies in energy use at all times. To optimise energy management around the clock, SCGC has developed the AI Supervisory System, which, thanks to machine learning, learns from big data from the past and is thus able to perform analysis with greater intelligence and accuracy than the traditional method.

AI SupervisoryA green navigator that optimises energy use in machinery
AI Supervisory is capable of providing suggestions to operators on the factory floor around the clock and informing them of the efficiency of the machinery control. Whenever the efficiency level is not optimal, AI Supervisory will give real-time suggestions, much like a navigator, so that the machines can be operated and controlled with maximum efficiency at all times.

Four components, no investment in new machinery required
AI Supervisory comprises four main components: 1) Big Data 2) In-Depth Analysis 3) Customisation 4) Evaluation, which, together, allow impacts in all dimensions to be taken into consideration in machinery configuration and optimisation of energy use for the situation at all times, leading to the systemic reduction of energy consumption without the need to replace the machines.

Less energy consumption and GHG emissions, more green spaces
SCGC has introduced AI Supervisory to its olefins plant in the Aromatic Recovery Unit of Map Ta Phut Olefins Co., Ltd. AI Supervisory has been found to successfully reduce energy expenses by 17 million baht per year without the need to invest in new machinery. In addition, the system has cut down GHG emissions by as much as 1,600 tons/per, equivalent to as many as 160,000 trees grown per year (the calculation is based on local slowgrowing trees).

“Everyone can do it”: Start with yourself to reduce unnecessary energy use
Energy efficiency is everyone’s responsibility. As such, the collaboration between the government and private sectors, the general public, and entrepreneurs is essential in prompting behavioural change and creating innovation to move towards sustainability.

We can all start tackling global warming by ourselves and cutting down our energy use right away.

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