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Bluestone PIM Features Overview 2022

Bluestone, a premium member of the Thai-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce, had updated the PIM Feature Overview for 2022.

In every superhero movie, the main character has superpowers and a repertoire of sophisticated equipment such as Batmobile, Captain America’s shield, or Thor’s hammer, to name a few. In the ecosystem of PIM, features play a similar role.

In today’s world of modern e-commerce, product data is an elementary particle, equivalent to a real product. That’s why we call PIM the heart of digital commerce. The ability to intelligently manage the collection of data to win the omnichannel game determines success in customer experience. Product information management (PIM) supports global businesses in organizing, enriching, and distributing product information and provides a single source of truth that helps teams effectively work with data.

As the first MACH-driven PIM provider, we offer an agile, scalable platform that represents an important module of the composable commerce ecosystem. We work with innovative partners to offer the best-of-breed solutions that tie perfectly with each other.

The Marketplace of Apps is a powerful package that allows you to add value to the e-commerce stack with integrations such as DAM, Headless CMS, or industry databases to expand your sales and marketing capabilities.

Read more about our technology and available features in Bluestone PIM Features Overview 2022, please click here.