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JFCCT’s COVID-19 Resource Page

JFCCT's COVID-19 Resource PageJFCCT’s COVID-19 Resource Page

JFCCT’s COVID-19 Resource Page has impacted tourism, MICE and all sectors of the Thai economy, in addition to health and safety. It has impacted the global economy. Government support responses are welcomed by the business community. They have objectives about health and safety, business continuity, cushioning high levels of unemployment, contractual issues (eg force majeure administration and consequences), and where possible, other economic relief and support. The Joint Foreign Chambers of Commerce in Thailand (JFCCT) has addressed all these areas.

As a service to member organisations, of which the Thai-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce is one, JFCCT provides information about government support, kept up-to-date as best possible in a fast-changing policy environment.  JFCCT will also provide members’ recommendations on changes to these support and relief measures, in order that they may best meet objectives and avoid collapse. Such issues include digitisation, digital government, some means of salary support, partial income assurance, avoidance of foreclosure/eviction and possible changes to the law. JFCCT will publish these. Please contact the Chamber by e-mail at [email protected] with any concerns about coverage or terms of these measures, or recommendations you may have.

About The Joint Foreign Chambers of Commerce in Thailand

The Joint Foreign Chambers of Commerce in Thailand is the umbrella body for various Thai- foreign chambers or business associations operating in Thailand. There are 34 chambers and business associations representing more than
9,000 companies in this wide membership.

The JFCCT and its member chambers can trace a history going back some decades. As the relationship has become closer, we have come to see ourselves as real partners with Thailand: partners with the government and partners with the private sector in this positive story of economic development and growth to the economic of Thailand in a positive way.

Link to JFCCT Covid-19 Page

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