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SCGC Becomes Thailand’s First Group Certified Circular Mark

SCGC receives Circular Mark certification.SCG Chemicals (SCGC) is Among the First Group of Thailand Certified Circular Mark for Eco-Friendly Plastic Innovations Under SCGC Green Polymer™, Reinforcing Chemicals Business for Sustainability.

SCG Chemicals, a corporate member of the Thai-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce, continually endeavors to become the Chemicals Business for Sustainability. SCGC recently received Circular Mark certification for its environmentally friendly plastic innovations under the brand SCGC Green Polymer™, HDPE plastic resins developed using the SMX™ technology, and High-Quality Post-Consumer Resin (High-Quality PCR), making it one of the first companies in Thailand to receive this recognition. The certification ensures that products and packaging are designed to promote resource circulation through an environmentally friendly production process, a circular economy management system, usage guidelines, and waste collection and management for end-of-life products utilising an ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) approach. The certification aims to contribute to concrete environmental sustainability while also delivering products that meet the needs of brand owners and environmentally conscious consumers.

Niwat Athiwattananont, Technology & Product Development Director of SCG Chemicals or SCGC, disclosed, “SCGC has developed products to fulfill sustainability needs under the brand SCGC Green Polymer™ using the SMX technology, one of the innovations that contribute to our ‘Reduce’ solution which is reducing resource consumption. The technology enables the production of stronger polyethylene resin or PE (Polyethylene), resulting in innovative materials that can minimise workpiece thickness while preserving the same strength. The innovation also minimises resource usage and greenhouse gas emissions throughout the transportation process. This Circular Mark certification reaffirms the commitment to becoming a leader in the Chemicals Business for Sustainability and incorporating the concrete implementation of the circular economy into product development while also boosting confidence among customers and environmentally conscious consumers.”

The following are Circular Mark certified HDPE plastic resins manufactured using the SMX technology:

  • SMX551BU for producing large-scale intermediate bulk container (IBC) that is ultra-strong and chemical resistant.
  • SX002J and SX002JA for producing lighter and thinner soft drink bottle caps.
  • S111F for producing industrial packaging films that require exceptional strength and toughness.
  • S199F for producing film for consumer product packaging, which can handle more impacts than conventional films.

All are manufactured by Thai Polyethylene Company Limited (TPE), a subsidiary of SCG Chemicals or SCGC.

And another innovation from SCGC Green Polymer™ certified is High-Quality PCR manufactured by Teamplas Chemical Company Limited, a plastic recycling partner who has expertise in recycling innovation with a strong network of household waste collection. High-Quality PCR is an innovation that contributes to the “Recycle” solution. Thanks to SCGC’s unique formula and network of household waste collection, it is made possible to turn post-consumer plastic into HDPE High-Quality PCR with traceability to its resources. This conforms to the world-class standard Global Recycle Standard (GRS). In addition, it can be used to replace 25-100% of virgin plastics, meeting the sustainability policies of the world’s major brands.

SCGC is committed to developing eco-friendly plastic innovations under SCGC Green Polymer™, comprising environmentally friendly plastic solutions encompassing four areas: (1) Reduce – reducing resource consumption and maximising resource efficiency; (2) Recyclable – designing with recyclability in mind; (3) Recycle – adopting recycling; and (4) Renewable – developing solutions to make plastic bio compostable and plastic made from renewable resources.

At the event, Supasak Kaewwichit, HDPE 4 Production Department Manager from Thai Polyethylene Company Limited (TPE), and Nutthakorn Atichatsrisakul, Deputy Managing Director of Teamplas Chemical Group, were representatives to receive the certification. SCGC is one of the first 30 companies and 376 products in Thailand to be Circular Mark certified. The consideration requirements encompass wasteful resource consumption, waste generation, greenhouse gas emissions, and other environmental impacts throughout the product’s life cycle. The goal is to enhance resource efficiency while maintaining resources in a continuous loop to generate economic value, minimise waste and greenhouse gas emissions, and alleviate other environmental impacts. The initiative is in line with Thailand’s circular economy policy, which aims to improve the country’s environmental quality and quality of life for Thai society and the international community.

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