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The Chamber signs the well wishing protocol for H.M. the King of Thailand

On 16 June 2016, the President and Vice President as well as the staff of the Thai-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce and Innovation Norway visited Grand Palace to sign the well-wishing protocol for H.M. the King of Thailand. As subjects and guests in Thailand, we sincerely wish His Majesty a speedy recovery.

From left to right in the picture: Khun Nattamon Santiwutthimethee, Executive Secretary of the Chamber; Axel Blom, Vice President, Past President of the Chamber and Country Representative for Innovation Norway; Vibeke Lyssand Leirvåg, Chamber President; Innovation Norway Secretary, Khun Woraporn Prachoommark and Innovation Norway Market Adviser, Khun Yanin Srathongnoi. The team was joined in the well wishing ceremony by Khun Sarit Ekayati, Vice President of Banmai Subdistrict Administrative Organisation, in Maharaj District, Ayutthaya (third left)