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Thai Immigration’s TM30 Reporting Explained

A lot has been written on the TM30 reporting lately. We were referred to the below article from 1D Property website which clarifies the TM30 reporting process, analyses its impacts and forecasts the future for this unpopular law. The article is not a definitive legal opinion, for which readers are encouraged to seek qualified legal advice. The information contained in the article is purely based on 1D Property’s own experience as an expat real estate agency and it may differ from accounts on other forums while it reflects similar experiences by several members of the Thai-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce.

What is TM30?

TM30 is a form for reporting the accommodation of a foreigner according to section 38 of the 1979 immigration act. Under Thai law, house owners, heads of households, landlords or hotel managers who temporarily accommodate foreign nationals must notify the local immigration authorities within 24 hours. This includes landlords who lease their properties to expat tenants.

This law has existed for many years but was mostly applied to hotels, which automatically report guests at check-in. However, since 28 March 2019 the government is now enforcing this law more strictly to include landlords and renters as well.

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