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Challenges Businesses must Battle through in the New Normal

Challenges Businesses must Battle through in the New NormalChallenges Businesses must Battle through in the New Normal

dtac, our premium member, researches about challenges of small businesses during the new normal and the solutions to solve them. It is undeniable that the pandemic has impacted smaller businesses such as SMEs and startups. One of the major challenges that companies are struggling with is the working situation, which often needs to be restructured and reorganised to ensure that every department can collaborate seamlessly. Let’s find out more about these challenges and whether there are smart solutions to them.

5 Challenges and Solutions for Small Businesses

1. Accessing IT systems and resources remotely

One of the common challenges of working from home (WFH) is how to access the company’s IT system and resources from different locations. This can cause delays in delivering documents and difficulties during cross-departmental communication. These small hurdles could become a critical obstacle that creates setbacks for the business or disrupts the operating workflow.

Solution: Switch to Google Workspace, cloud-based groupware that allows businesses to operate smoothly from anywhere. Its cloud system can store all your company’s data and documents in an organised and secure manner. Plus, it can be accessed anywhere, anytime, on any device, without any limitations.

2. Never-ending and time-consuming online meetings

Without a proper appointment system, online meetings can be torturously endless. During a typical 8-hour workday, you may waste most of your time with pointless and unproductive meetings. As a result, it becomes incredibly difficult for you to manage your goals or complete your tasks. This may lead to an increase in overtime or delays in meeting deadlines. Employees can become exhausted as the line between work and home life becomes blurry.

Solution: Use Google Meet. It’s designed for private online meetings. It has various features that support team collaboration, allowing more than 60 minutes per session. It allows your team to communicate easily and provides a more comprehensive conference option with practical features such as signal button, poll-creating option, and separating into breakout rooms for smaller sessions.

3. Inconsistent and inefficient communication

Although there are many ways to communicate online, some are still not stable enough to fully support team discussions and file sharing. As a result, inconsistency and miscommunication regularly occur. Efficiency is reduced compared to an onsite working environment where teams can talk to each other as soon as problems arise.

Solution: Transition to the tools available in Google Workspace, including Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Meet, Google Forms, and Google Keep. They are proven to be very helpful for workplaces adapting to the New Normal, allowing everyone in the team to access and share files securely.

4. Cybersecurity concerns

Transferring files or important information via an unsecured platform without industry-standard firewalls may pose a high risk of data theft or data leakage, leading to even bigger problems for your company in the future.

Solution: Adopt the Google Workspace. With its cloud computing technology enabling long-term data retention, you no longer have to worry about losing important data. Plus, it comes with Google Drive storage, starting from 30 GB, with a high level of data security. This ensures that you can work with ease while protecting the safety of your information.

5. Soaring phone and internet bills

Cost is undoubtedly a big concern for small businesses. Phone bills, for example, are difficult to control as mobiles are required to communicate externally, such as with clients or partners, and internally, to ensure smooth coordination within the organisation. Therefore, it is not surprising that many companies had to pay extra charges during the pandemic, adding to the burden on the company.

Solution: Choose a business sim package that allows you to personalise your mobile usage and control your expenses. You won’t have to worry about excessive call charges, and your remaining internet data can be added to your next pay period.

The challenges and solutions mentioned in this article are the tips of the iceberg. There are many more that SMEs and startups have to navigate now we’re in the New Normal. At dtac business, we offer a wide range of programs and solutions that can strengthen and enhance your business growth in the digital age with a thorough understanding and insightful connection to every need of every industry.

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