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Seven Peaks enhances digital transformation through dtac B-LAB

Seven Peaks enhances software development business with dtac B-LAB to help businesses accelerate digital transformation.Seven Peaks enhances software development business through dtac B-LAB to help businesses accelerate digital transformation

The COVID-19 pandemic brought a great change around the world whether in behaviour or in the way work is conducted. More pronounced signs after the pandemic have subsided. Various businesses are starting to wake up. Technology has been applied to all sectors to make a change and respond to the changing needs, which lead to organisational transformation into the digital age also known as ‘Digital Transformation’.

Seven Peaks, the leading software development company in Thailand

When every industry adopts digital technology, it is a big opportunity for software development businesses. One of them is Seven Peaks Software Co., Ltd., a world-class technology company specialising in digital transformation for companies worldwide, delivering scalable software solutions and experience design, aimed at driving business impact. Seven Peaks has a team of over 200 industry experts from over 25 countries, currently providing software development, UX/UI design for smartphone applications, building cloud platforms, as well as develop native mobile apps and has been trusted as a technology partner by many enterprise customers both domestically and internationally.

Christopher Lulitananda Regel, Head of Business Development at Seven Peaks, said the company, founded in 2014, has more than 200 tech-savvy employees who are dedicated to helping customers run their businesses digitally as well as to create a ‘digital solution’ that can improve the weaknesses and strengthen client’s businesses. Seven Peaks has many groups of customers from the SME level to large corporates both domestically and internationally who want to drive the organisation using digital transformation. These customers need solutions to create products and services that deliver seamless experiences. Seven Peaks uses the design thinking principle and the agile work method to customise products according to users’ needs. in a timely manner.

Christopher also suggested that to build a system that solves real problems for an organisation and delivers value to its users, organisations must be able to strike a balance between return on investment (Viable), user satisfaction through design (Desirable), and technical feasibility (Feasible).

When asked about Seven Peaks’ challenges as a service provider, Christopher revealed that the size of the SME business could be challenged. Customers’ businesses have the opportunity to grow quickly but the limitation of tools or solutions prevents them to grow. Seven Peaks has to find new tools or solutions to ensure customers reach their goals. A solution like Google Workspace from dtac business is one of the tools that play an important role in expanding SME businesses during digital transformation. It can adjust work style to support the digital world.

The arrival of COVID-19 changed the way of life around the world completely. It also affects the way you work. In the past, employees had to go to the office. COVID-19 has caused the working world to adapt quickly to form a work-from-home model or work from anywhere while maintaining maximum performance. This is also one of Seven Peaks’ challenges because not only deals with changes in customers’ businesses but also adjusts their internal working styles to focus on being digital first to meet the changing era.

Christopher explained that after the pandemic which so-called ‘New Normal’, we can see that the way of working has changed considerably. Digital plays a huge role in most people’s lives whether in the company or personal life therefore finding a way to reduce the gap can help step into the New Normal era effectively. We are both a digital technology advisory and consulting company. To make every part of our work easier, we are one of the companies that choose to use Google Workspace, a solution from dtac business, to develop the organisation and improve work efficiency by using various features on Google Workspace for management and internal conversations to work more efficiently.

Introducing new channels to find the perfect solution for business with dtac B-LAB

Seven Peaks is familiar with the dtac B-LAB platform, as Christopher recalled. The company has been a partner with dtac business for 2-3 years, until choosing Google Workspace with dtac business, where Seven Peaks had the opportunity to be one of the teams that helped develop the platform prototype.

dtac B-LAB is a one-stop online platform that combines solutions and knowledge for SMEs. It integrates Google Workspace which is a cloud solution that improves work within the organisation, and facilitates collaboration, sharing and securing information. The dtac B-LAB platform supports the changing behaviours from searching and buying traditional business solutions to online solutions.

“New Normal is changing the way we work. Seven Peaks transformed working toward hybrid using Google Workspace features. Google Meet makes collaboration easier. We know that some staff is uncomfortable going to the office but we need to have a solution that is similar to the face-to-face concept.”

There’s also Google Drive, which Christopher mentioned it’s a very important feature. Businesses must have a place to be a ‘source of truth’ where we can bring all information together and share it from anywhere. Originally, the files were often stored on a personal computer. The problems occurred when we work together, whether we use the right file or access the right information we need easily. Google Drive can solve these problems. There are many other features such as Google Slides to create slides and communicate ideas, Google Docs and Google Sheets that we use every day.

Trust your partner

Seven Peaks and dtac are partners for many years. They work together on many projects. Seven Peaks saw dtac’s commitment to helping their clients grow further with digital technology. Therefore, they decided to choose dtac business as their partner. They trust dtac business to get the right solution and meet most business needs. It is clear when they see happier employees, increase in work efficiency and help businesses move forward.

Christopher concluded that if you can implement Google Workspace at an early stage, it will come in handy. From day one, data, files, assets, everything is centralised in one place. It helps structure your organisation easily. If you implement a solution after you set up your business, it might be a challenge when you migrate the data to the new platform.

“For Seven Peaks, when selecting a solution with dtac business, everything was easy. A support team can give advice and solve problems immediately. It was a smooth transition for our organisation.”

Moving forward

Christopher mentioned that Seven Peaks is measuring its success through the ability to create its own business, customer and partner projects’ impact as well as the ability to meet the customer and partner business objectives. They are striving to be a regional leader in digital product consultancy.

In addition to Google Workspace, dtac B-LAB under cooperation with Telenor Group, Google Cloud and dtac business, they are looking for other solutions from global partners as well as move forward with the next project with dtac B-LAB. They are searching for proposals from Thai software developers to meet SME businesses’ needs, and create a tool that provides opportunities for Thai business owners or anyone who is interested in starting a business.

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