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Thai SMEs Can Enjoy Real-Time Cybersecurity With dtac Mobile Security

Cybersecurity With dtac Mobile Security
With hybrid work increasingly the norm, Thai businesses are feeling the heat from a rise in cybercrime. Last year, 56% of cyber threats in Thailand occurred via vulnerabilities in mobile devices.

To combat these threats, Dtac Business, one of our premium members has launched Dtac Mobile Security, a new solution that helps SMEs protect important business information and personal data from cyber threats including phishing. Dtac Mobile Security offers real-time protection with hourly virus and spam definition updates. Unlike most other security solutions, Dtac Mobile Security is not an additional app but rather a convenient add-on feature built into internet connectivity via the Dtac network.

Existing Dtac Business clients will be notified via SMS about an automatic free trial beginning 17 March 2022. New Business clients who join 17 March – 17 May 2022 will also receive the Dtac Mobile Security add-on. After the complimentary two months, the Dtac Mobile Security add-on service will start at 29 Baht per subscription per month.

Cyber Crime Leads to Big Losses in Asia

A 2021 study, titled Cybersecurity for SMEs: Asia Pacific Businesses Prepare for Digital Defense, surveyed business executives and their IT personnel on cybersecurity and found that the majority of Thai SMEs face a wide range of cyber threats.

These were some of the other key findings:

  • 91% of Thai SMEs were hit by malware
  • 77% were affected by phishing
  • 49% of Thai SMEs that had cyberattacks found that their cyber security solutions were incapable of detecting and protecting them from these cyber threats

How Dtac Mobile Security Can Help Businesses

Dtac Mobile Security protects your business from cyber threats such as phishing, botnets, and malware, enabling users to access websites via mobile devices securely while connected to the Dtac network. When a user tries to access a malicious website, Dtac Mobile Security automatically blocks the access to prevent possible harm. This service is recommended for Small and Medium Enterprises.

Dtac Mobile Security enables businesses and employees to securely connect to the internet via the Dtac network and work on their mobile phones and tablets, confident in the knowledge that their business information is safeguarded – all without the hassle of downloading and installing software on any device. Security is also offered in real-time with the cyber threat definitions automatically updated every hour.

Businesses using the Dtac Mobile Security add-on enjoy the following benefits:

  • Increased security on the internet. The Dtac network helps filter and prevent access to malicious websites that could render harm with viruses or spam via mobile devices and connected peripherals.
  • User data protection. Dtac Mobile Security helps protect user information from unauthorised access via phishing or malware, enabling you to connect via the Dtac network worry-free.
  • Affordable, world-class protection. Users benefit from world-class protection with regular automatic system updates for just Baht 29 per month.
  • Real-time service. Dtac Mobile Security automatically updates malicious websites and malware definitions every hour without requiring any user intervention.
  • Ready-to-use solutions. Register for use with your existing SIM card and the user will receive cyber security features without installing any additional software or hardware.
  • Security across devices. Protection extends to other devices that receive internet shares from Dtac Mobile Security users.

Mr. Sadat Ibne Zaman, Chief Business Officer, Total Access Communication PLC or Dtac, said, “Dtac Business sees the pain points of business owners as employee use of mobile devices for work has become the new normal. Many may not be proficient in cyber security, and their office mobile devices may prevent them from installing additional security applications on their own.”

Enterprises can learn more about our Dtac Mobile Security at