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Thailand to Relax Rules on T.M.30 Immigration Requirements

Thailand to Relax Rules on T.M.30 Immigration RequirementsThe Royal Thai Police has issued a notification to relax requirements for property owners and hotel managers in Thailand in regards to notifying an immigration office every time a foreign national stays on their property.  

Thailand to Relax Rules Immigration Requirements about change notification to “The Royal Thai Police Notification on Residence of Heads of Household, House Owners, Landlords, or Managers of Hotels, Who Accommodate Foreign Nationals on a Temporary Basis” was published in the Government Gazette on Tuesday, 16 June 2020 and will take effect on Tuesday, 30 June 2020.

Under the notification, there is still a duty for landlords and/or hotel owners to submit a T.M.30 form to an immigration office within 24 hours of a foreign national checking in at their premises. However, they are no longer required to resubmit a T.M.30 form every time the same foreign national returns to stay at the same place, which was an onerous requirement under the previous version of the notification, issued in 1979.

Under the new notification, when the head of a household, property owner, landlord, or hotel manager submits a new T.M.30 form to the immigration office, they will also be required to indicate the period that each foreign national will stay at their premises, i.e., the arrival and expected departure dates.

In the event that foreign national travel and stays in another place on an occasional basis, and then return to stay at the same premises within the period of stay specified in the T.M.30, then a new T.M.30 will need not be submitted each time they arrive.

The Rules Immigration Requirements are applicable to all foreign nationals who stay in Thailand on any type of visa, including holders of multiple-entry visas and re-entry permits which enable the holders to leave and return to Thailand within their visa validity period.

Where to Submit the T.M.30

The T.M.30 must be submitted at the local immigration office where the residence or hotel is located, or to the Immigration Office Headquarters for residences and hotels in Bangkok. It can be submitted in person, by post, online at, or via the Section 38 Android or iOS application (subject to the requirements of the immigration office).

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