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World Cleanup Day 2023

World Cleanup Day 2023World Cleanup Day 2023

Since 2019, the Thai-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce (TNCC) and the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Bangkok have collaborated with Trash Hero Bangkok and Starboard, one of our premium members, to participate in the World Cleanup Day initiative. World Cleanup Day is a global effort involving over 191 countries, uniting volunteers and partners worldwide to address the global waste issue, with the shared goal of cleaning up our planet from garbage.

On Saturday, 16th September 2023, over 100 volunteers from schools and organisations, including Mr Axel Blom, President of the Thai-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce (TNCC) and Director of Norway Connect, Ms Yanin Srathongnoi, Executive Director of the TNCC, Ms Thea Ottmann, Deputy Head of Mission of the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Bangkok, Ms Anna Jakenberg Brinck, Chargé d’Affaires of Embassy of Sweden in Bangkok, the staff of the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Bangkok, staff of the Embassy of Sweden in Bangkok, and TNCC’s premium members and board members;  Mr Jostein Aksnes, Chief Executive Officer of Seven Peaks along with staff from Jotun Thailand Ltd., Yara (Thailand) Ltd., and Felicia (Thailand) Ltd., joined a clean-up in connection with the World Cleanup Day 2023 initiative. This year, with lots of help from all the volunteers, we collected a total of 611 kilograms of trash from and around Taco Lake, within 3 hours and sorted, weighted and recorded it. We want to seize this moment to express our gratitude to Trash Hero Bangkok and Starboard for organising this enjoyable and purposeful event aimed at inspiring individuals to create a positive impact on our environment and contribute to the betterment of our world. 

Other than that, the Thai-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce feels delighted to take on a more prominent role in Thailand’s foreign business community in order to support actions today for a clean and green Thailand tomorrow. One of these actions is to play an active role in the Joint Foreign Chambers of Commerce in Thailand (JFCCT)’s Sustainability Development Committee to push sustainability issues to the top of the organisation’s agenda at all times.

About Starboard

Svein Rasmussen, a world-class leader pushing sustainability issues, founded starboard in 1994. It all came from the vision of bringing innovation, quality and inspiration to the world of wind and water. Together with riders and partners around the world, Starboard and Tiki strive to be the best in the world and for the world. And today is the World’s leading Windsurfing and Paddleboarding brand, based in Thailand. Innovation is what drives us at Starboard, coupled with the idea that limits are often in our minds. No matter the context, our team will double down and keep designing equipment we believe can lead to an exciting future, challenge today’s status quo and bring forward innovation.

About Trash Hero

Trash Hero is a global volunteer movement, led, supported, and governed by Trash Hero World. At our heart is a growing grassroots network of chapters: unincorporated, community-based organisations that run our programmes. Each is affiliated to Trash Hero World and their national Trash Hero organisation if one exists. Currently, the network extends to 20 countries around the world: Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Czech Republic, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Switzerland, Poland, Holland, Georgia, Germany, USA, Australia, and Japan.

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